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AI Search For Every Chat™

Evichat allows you to collect and manage text message, chat, and website evidence with a single click, eliminating the nightmare of ‘screenshots’ and giving you more time to practice law.

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Evichat is the authority on text message
and chat evidence

Say Goodbye to Screenshots

Instantly collect communications evidence from the most popular platforms maintaining metadata giving you defensible and authenticated evidence.

Review and Redact

Our AI-Powered search platform lets you search through and redact all of your collections live on Evichat. Assign unlimited users at your firm to collect and review.

Export the Right Way

Screenshots can be faked and judges hate them! Evichat allows you to export communications in a transcript style PDF locally, in a load file, or right to one of our partners.


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Step 1

Send your client an email invitation requesting them to upload there SMS communication using the Evichat app.

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Step 2

Your client can then use our mobile app or our web login to securely select and send relevant data or message threads.

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Step 3

You or your team can login to our secure portal to review, archive, organize, or export the relevant data.

Without Evichat

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With Evichat

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Ready to start your first case?

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