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Get more done, faster, with Evichat!

Collecting evidence from your clients should be a breeze, not a nightmare. Let us help you do the menial tasks, so you can do what you do best, law!


Why clutter your inbox with screenshots from your clients that are out of order, out of context, and sometimes not even real? We collect full message threads, so you can get the big picture for your file.


Download an app and hit send, or use our web portal to collected targeted email or archive full websites. Whatever you need, we have a simple solution for it.


Evichat provides a secure, AWS repository with bank-level encryption where you can host your most sensitive data. AWS (world’s top cloud provider) is trusted by some of the largest organizations in the world, including banks, global law firms, and governments.

Start using Evichat and simplify your life.

The Evichat Story

Frustrated with the way clients were sending screenshots of text message evidence, a lawyer and an engineer got together in 2016 to make that problem go away. Puneet would routinely receive screenshots of text messages, facebook profile, or websites. His cousin, Nilesh, finally got tired of hearing about it and they decided to solve this problem together. Since then Evichat has collected over 500,000 text messages for lawyers saving them countless hours and money!

Puneet Tiwari

CEO & Co-Founder

Nilesh Pandey

CTO & Co-Founder

Start using Evichat today. Click here to get started.


Start using Evichat today. Click here to get started.