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Corporate Archiving and Compliance

Social media, mobile messaging, chat, and slack are the new email, and more and more communication and collaboration tools are emerging daily. Almost all organizations have data resting in the hands of other companies in the cloud, be it FB Workplace, Twitter, or even Instagram.

Many organizations receive FOI requests, have compliance obligations, or they wish to archive all of their data to reduce and identify areas of risk. Do you have control of all your data?

Evichat’s chat-management platform allows organizations to archive and search all of their communications and cloud data in one place from one search bar!

Let Evichat help with our AI-Search for Every Chat™, so your organization will be ready for anything that comes your way!

Manage and search all communicaiton channels in one place.

Archive all corporate websites - internal and external.

All of your organization's data securely at your fingertips.